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About Me

My passion is creating visual identities suited to my clients universe. I draw my inspiration from the latest trends in fashion, music, architecture and popular culture. After spending a year at St-Luc in Brussels, I finished my education at the College of Advertising and Design in Brussels, where I got my degree in Graphic and Web Design. After my studies, I was hired by Becker & Zaccagnini in Ettelbruck, a society in which I had previously done my internship. It's been almost two years that I produce for them all kinds of printed and digital realizations. Recently, I took evening courses in web development in CSL ( Luxembourg ). I finished the first module ( html and css ) with honors. I am currently learning javascript and jQuery. In addition to my full time job and my evening courses, I take my free time to play music with my band. I also realize websites (based on a well-known CMS). I am always available for new challenges that will allow me to learn more and improve my skills.

I can provide you

Creative yet rigorous projects.

Creative Direction

During my jobs in different companies ( Brussels and Luxembourg ) I had to manage various projects from start to finish and ensure adequate result. I love creating an identity and try to push it to the max


I am always excited to start an illustration. I like the minimal ones, when the shape is synthesized and pure. But I am also inspired by the tattoo universe, and lowbrow art.


First love. To create the image of a new company, a new band, a baker, is for me the opportunity to give a shape to a concept. I respect customer’s expectations and i also exchange ideas with him until the completion of the project.


Working hard to create a concept and an ergonomic design that will meet customer desires. My designs will always be responsive-oriented to respond to the new standards.


Have a look. Still some issues with google chrome. Please use the fox :)


Drop me a line. Two is also ok.

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